ABOUT 25:2

After working for the USDA-ARS for 8 years and corporate America for 6 years, Dr. Eric Jackson saw a need to innovate and move fast that could be better attained as an independent small company.  A good friend and future client told Eric that his scientific endeavors embodied Proverbs 25:2.  In the spring of 2018, Eric and Kim Jackson co-founded 25:2 Solutions with the goal of searching out existing crop traits using augmented intelligence, genotyping, and automated phenotyping.  The company now has a full genotyping lab, data science team, and has developed new tools for mobile phenotyping.   In 2021, 25:2 added an analytical lab, food safety lab and a seed cleaning and storage facility.  Kim Jackson serves as the CEO with a background in business administration, secondary education, and life sciences.  Dr. Eric Jackson serves as the CTO with a background in quantitative and statistical genomics, plant pathology, and molecular biology.  Dr. Jackson has 20 years of professional experience, has published over 100 articles, and holds several patents.