Mrs. Teresa Yakovac

Principal Laboratory Scientist


Mrs. Yakovac has a Bachelors of Science in microbiology from Portland State University.  She most recently worked as a lab technician at Great Western Malting.  She will be overseeing 25:2's new analytical lab as well as managing the overall CIPHER lab.

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E.A. Bucchianeri

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Dr. Scott M. Smith

Principal Molecular Geneticist 


Dr. Smith completed his masters in genetics in biotechnology from Brigham Young University and holds a PHD in Biology from North Carolina State University.  He leads the CIPHER molecular biology team. 

Let us give our time, ourselves, and our talents to the things that really matter now, things which will still matter a thousand years from now.”

Ronald A. Rasband


Brittany Mangum

Lab Technician 


Brittany works part time as a lab technician for 25:2 Solutions.  She is currently a graduate student at ISU pursuing her 2nd master's in microbiology.  

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High School Lab Assistant


Sydney is in high school and works part time as a technician with analytical and molecular team.  

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